Andrew Holdsworth

  • Name: Andrew Holdsworth
  • Location: United States
  • Position: Senior Director of Real World Performance

Andrew Holdsworth has over 20 years experience working at Oracle on database performance projects. His specialties are database performance, common sense, and simple solutions.


Andrew will present The Real World Performance Tour together with Tom Kyte and Graham Wood. In the Tour, these three Oracle rock stars will share their different perspectives on performance engineering. Through discussion, debate and demos, they’ll show you how to master performance engineering topics like:

  • Best practices for designing hardware architectures and how to spot and fix bad design.
  • How to develop applications that deliver the fastest possible performance without sacrificing accuracy.
  • Updates on Enterprise Manager, Exadata, and what these technologies mean to your current systems.

If you’re a DBA, Developer, or Enterprise Architect, and you’re ready to get away from messy customizations and slow processes, join them for the The Real World Performance Tour!

When you leave a Tour performance, you’ll have several easy-to-implement changes you can get started on right away, like evaluating your system architecture for performance killers, planning for faster data loads, and finding the root of performance issues vs creating more complicated code. However, the biggest take away from Real World Performance will be an in-depth understanding of how critical architecture is to system performance, security and accuracy, and the right tools and strategies for database deployment.

See and hear what Tom Kyte is saying about the Tour
Tom Kyte Youtube interview

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